How to activate The Range Prepaid MasterCard®

You can activate your card and retrieve your PIN online.

In order to activate your card you will need the 16 digit card number on the front of your card. Once we have validated your card number you will be asked to register your name, address and some contact details with us. You will then be required to select a password which along with your 16 digit cardnumber you will use to access your online account to check your balance.

Once you have completed these steps your card will be activated.

To reveal your 4 digit PIN which you will need when using your card at ATMs and Points of Sale you must login and select the link marked PIN Reveal.

Your PIN will be displayed briefly onscreen.

If you forget your PIN at any time you can login to your online account and view it online.

Please keep your PIN secret and do not share it with anyone.

To activate your card and retrieve your PIN, please click here and follow the onscreen instructions.