Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding prepaid cards and The Range prepaid MasterCard®.


How Prepaid Cards work (+)

The Range Prepaid MasterCard operates on the standard MasterCard® network. The prepaid value loaded on the card can be used by the cardholder for purchases at participating retail merchant locations and withdrawals at ATM's worldwide where MasterCard Acceptance Mark is displayed. Funds will be immediately debited from the cardholder's balance upon authorisation of any transaction. Purchases or cash withdrawals are deducted from the balance until the loaded value is spent. The card can be loaded over and over again. A full transaction history can be viewed via an online account management facility or by using your mobile phone.


How to Apply for your Range Prepaid MasterCard (+)

In order to apply for a Range Card you need to be a UK resident aged 18 or over. Simply go to the 'Apply' page and fill in the online application form. We will need to confirm your identity and address during the application process. Once this has been completed and approved, you will receive your card within 10 working days.


How to Activate Your Range Prepaid MasterCard® and retrieve your PIN (+)

Once you receive your Range Card you will need to activate it. You can do this by calling 0207 183 2248. You will be asked to enter your card number and date of birth. Once the details have been successfully entered, your card will be activated and your PIN revealed. You can also activate your card and retrieve your PIN by sending an SMS from the mobile phone number you entered during your application.

Simply send us a text message to + 44 (0) 762 480 0932 that reads - PIN {Last eight digits of your 16 digit Range card number}. This is the number on the front of your Range card. For example if your card number is 5329160011234000. The message you should send to us should read:

PIN 12340000

Once we receive this message we will activate your card and return an SMS to your phone with your PIN. Please keep your PIN safe and do not reveal it to anyone.


How to Use your Range Prepaid MasterCard® (+)

Once activated, your Range Prepaid MasterCard can be used for point of sale purchases or ATM cash withdrawals anywhere that MasterCard® cards are accepted. It can also be used for card not present (internet or telephone) transactions.


When will my card be loaded?®? (+)

Your card will be loaded immediately providing we have received funds, the cardholder has not exceeded their maximum card balance and as long as there are no issues with the payment received.


How can I Top-up/Load my Range Prepaid MasterCard®? (+)

In store at the Range

You can top up your Range card at your nearest Range store. Buy a voucher and top up by SMS. -Either buy a voucher and top up by SMS or visit one of our selected stores that now have payzone loading available for your convenience. You can purchase a £20, £50 or £100 voucher in your local Range store and load your Range prepaid card immediately via SMS for FREE. Simply scratch the panel on the back of the voucher to reveal your unique code, then with your registered mobile send the text TOPUP <Voucher Code> <Last four digits of you Range card number> to +44 (0)207 125 0201. The value of the voucher you have purchased will be loaded to your card, immediately.


Take your card into your nearest top-up payzone outlet and load your card with cash. The shopkeeper swipes your card at the payzone terminal and the cash amount will be added to your balance instantly. Click here to find you nearest payzone outlet. In the drop down box make sure you select Range prepaid card.

Post Office

Simply take your card into any UK post office and load your card with cash over the counter. The funds will be available on your card within 24 hours.

Topping Up / Loading your Range Card Online

You can register your debit or credit card to your Range card so you can load your card it online via the website or by simply sending a text using our SMS functionality. Our customer service team can advise how you can register your debit card to your account, contact customer services today by phoning +44 (0) 2071250201 or emailing

Topping Up / Loading your Range Card by SMS/text message

Click here, for more information on how to top up your Range Card by sending a text message.

What will I pay to use my range prepaid card?

The fees and charges that apply to your card are set out here.