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How to top up your Range Prepaid MasterCard®

Loading and reloading your Range Card with money is easy - it works just like a phone card top-up. There are lots of ways to top up, and over 30,000 places in the UK to choose from:

You Can Load Your Card

Approximate Business Days it Takes For Funds to Reach Your Card


With The Range Prepaid MasterCard vouchers

Immediate £20, £50 or £100 vouchers available
At any Post Office® 1 £1.99
SMS/Internet Debit card load (of amount loaded) Immediate 1%
Card load by bank transfer 4 FREE
SMS/internet Credit card load (of amount loaded) Immediate 3%
At any shop or garage where you see the PayZone logo and This includes The Range! Immediate £1.99

*Debit or credit cards used to load money onto your Range Prepaid MasterCard using our online service might need to be registered with your bank for 'MasterCard Secure Code' or 'Verified by Visa'

Topping Up at Range Stores

You can top up your Range Prepaid MasterCard at your nearest Range store. Buy a voucher and top up by SMS or visit one of our selected stores that now have payzone loading available for your convenience.

You can purchase a £20, £50 or £100 voucher in your local Range store and load your Range prepaid card immediately via SMS for FREE. Simply scratch the panel on the back of the voucher to reveal your unique code, then with your registered mobile send the text TOPUP <Voucher Code> <Last four digits of you Range Prepaid MasterCard number> to +44 (0) 762 480 0932. Then simply send a text as outlined on the back of your voucher. You can also top up with your voucher online or by calling customer services on 0207 1250201. The value of the voucher you have purchased will be loaded to your card, immediately.

Topping Up at Payzones

PayzoneTM is Europe's largest branded consumer payments acceptance network. Pop into any one of over 20,000 outlets throughout the UK and top-up your Range Prepaid MasterCard.

Topping up your card at Payzone outlets is easy.

Topping Up at the Post Office

With over 11,500 Post Office® branches nationwide, the Post Office® is the perfect place for you to top-up your Range Prepaid MasterCard. Topping up your card at the Post Office is easy.