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Ways to Share

Share money with friends and family

There are often times when you have a need to quickly share money with a friend or family member. Money can be loaded onto a Range Prepaid MasterCard® by simply sending a text message. So long as you and a friend or family member both have a Range Prepaid MasterCard, you can share money to each other's cards.

They may have lost their wallet, need cash to get a taxi home or just need additional funds for any reason, but they need it now! In an emergency, you could share money instantly from your Range Prepaid MasterCard to any Companion Card linked to your account, allowing the Companion Cardholder to withdraw the cash from any ATM or spend the money directly from the card... problem solved!

Students and Travelling

If you are over the age of 18 years and live in the UK, you, yourself, are able to purchase a Range Prepaid MasterCard without any form of ID or credit application. This is ideal for students, particularly university students, as owning a Range Prepaid MasterCard is safer than leaving cash lying around a shared flat or halls of residence.

Should you need cash in a flash, money can be moved from another Range Prepaid MasterCard to your Range Prepaid MasterCard by going online or simply sending a text message. If you're a student planning to go travelling, your parents can move money from their Range Prepaid MasterCard to your card by making use of their online management facility or by sending a text message. Alternatively parents with a Range Prepaid MasterCard can control the money that their family members spend away at university and still shift money to them should they need money for an emergency.